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Paul Austin

As a caring, listening, intuitive and experienced executive coach, I support my clients to make personal changes, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and move forward to a better place.
My work focusses on what deep down they want to explore, challenge and discover from within themselves.  I am a Transpersonal Coach in style, though I adapt my support to focus on what my clients need right now, being either what they are aware immediately, or what they discover over time.
Having worked in Broadcasting, TV Rights, Telecomms and Satellite Broadcasting both in the UK and overseas, I bring my team and work experience to bear in my coaching, and I specialise in conflict resolution, meeting personal challenges, career reviews and “What’s next in my career”.
And a key element of my coaching is that there is a strong focus on client accountability, and agreeing on what they want to achieve and how to measure it.
I am also proud to work as an Associate and Management Trainer.
Outside of coaching and training, I enjoy speaking and providing tuition in French, teaching and playing Bridge, golf, skiing, walking and food and wine.