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Jo Maughan

Jo Maughan

Phone: 07771 542457

Jo Maughan inspires and equips professionals at or near the top of their careers to create careers & lives with more balance, fulfillment and joy – whatever that looks like.

Could it be that despite being successful you also feel stressed, frustrated, scared, angry, sad, uncertain, or confused at times? Yes? Of course. These feelings are part of the human condition and yet when they persist and are having a detrimental effect on you, they are clues to ‘look inside’ to become an even better version of yourself, and to create an even better version of your career & life.

As a career and leadership coach, Jo works side-by-side with her clients enabling them to step free of whatever’s getting in the way. She especially loves to work with high achievers in mid-life working in large organisations.

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