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Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams

Categories: Coaching

I am an HR consultant and Executive Coach. After many years in the world of corporate HR, I left to set up my own HR Consultancy and Coaching business in 2017, having qualified as a coach with AoEC.

I work on a variety of HR projects and coaching both within large corporates and smaller organisations. However, my real passion is to help leaders within organisations to become more effective, both individually (through coaching), and to help them develop their teams to understand themselves and each other better (through the use of psychometrics, team building events and coaching). I also help them deal with their difficult people issues effectively. This enables them to improve the performance of their team.

In addition, I work with individuals who are at a crossroads in their career and don’t know what to do, to enable them to clarify the way forwards and confidently make the changes they want to make.