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Ian Leamon

Ian Leamon

Phone: 07565217441

I am a 121 Motivational Coach with over 20 years of experience and developing others, primarily in the John Lewis Partnership.

121 Personal Coaching: As your coach I will build rapport and chemistry with you through a genuine interest in your agenda. This means being in the moment with you, listening, asking targeted, thoughtful, open questions and challenging you where I believe it to be appropriate and helpful.

You will then design your own action plans and goals after each session, while both you and I will manage progress and accountability.

I will support you to let go of things that aren’t helpful. This can sometimes mean living alongside the unhelpful for a while to really notice what is going on for you.

I will help you to explore the things you do really well and use these skills and qualities as allies to make life even better.


121 Personal Coaching with Motivational Maps ®: There are times when we can feel highly motivated and the “doing” becomes easy, but what about when we get stuck? There are many reasons behind why we might not be motivated to start something… fear, lack of confidence, peer pressure…. to name but three.

Motivational Maps is a self perception inventory which means you are getting an insight into your motivations and where your energy is flowing right now.

Motivation is so crucial in shaping what is important to us (especially in the current climate), yet it can be really difficult sometimes to work out what truly drives us.


People ask what’s important to me…. happiness I say, it’s the key to everything, including my motivation. Being true to myself and authentic, showing appreciation, kindness and love for others is really important in my world. If some fun and humour can be added along the way, that’s always good too!

If you would like to know more about how I can help you, please take a look at my website: