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Grace Edy

Grace Edy

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What is a lack of confidence and direction really costing you? Continuously undervalued? Missing out on your dreams? Feeling disconnected? I see you and I hear you because I have been there. The good news is that life does not have to be this way!

Hi, I’m Grace (insert cheesy wave here). As an accountant working in financial services, I felt drained. It wasn’t just the crazy deadlines & the pressure of the job. It was something harder to pin-down. The feeling of ‘meh’ was my default setting. In order to escape, I found myself working excessively late nights hoping that at some point all the work would make me feel whole, make me feel valued, & heard… (Spoiler Alert: It didn’t.) I tried to change my life by making superficial shifts.

Slowly realising that I kept slipping into the same habits that didn’t serve me emotionally, mentally or professionally. I was going nowhere. In desperation I hired a life coach. Honestly, I had no idea what coaching even was, but I was curious, & I figured that I had nothing to lose. This was the start of a beautiful life changing journey. My coach helped me reconnect with who I am, what matters to me, & how to live my best life. I smile as I look back at where I have come from, & how challenging & rewarding the journey has been.

I have a clear understanding of who I am, what fills my cup, & the direction my life is headed. That’s why I wake up every day passionate about helping others to find their own paths with a structured coaching program designed to empower you to unlock all the best parts of you. I know, life’s busy. Give yourself permission to invest in your own happiness, success, & fulfilment. Your future is yours to write. Trust is an essential ingredient when working together.

Here’s some more information on my professional qualifications: I graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an international coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner & COR.E Transitions/Leadership Dynamics Specialist.

I chose to study at iPEC because of the school’s well established roots & high regard within the industry. Having obtained my accounting designation, I see an incredible value in having a well-recognised certification to be able to demonstrate that I have dedicated a large amount of time to refine my coaching skills & to ensure that my coaching has lasting results for my clients.