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Francoise Orlov

Francoise Orlov

Categories: Coaching

Dr Francoise Orlov is a highly experienced international professional with a rich background in industry, higher education and entrepreneurship.

She supports excellence in coaching and its professionalization. Francoise is a firm believer in the value of continuous development and has qualified in various evidenced-based approaches from different schools of thoughts and disciplines including emotional intelligence, leadership, management, mindfulness meditation and yoga. This includes behavioural coaching (Marshall Goldsmith) and generative coaching (Robert Dilts and Steven Gilligan) which all inform her eclectic coaching philosophy and practice.

She is accredited as an executive professional coach with the Association for Coaching and is currently preparing for the Professional Certificate in Supervision at Henley Business School. Francoise’s clients appreciate her directness, her multiculturalism, her warm and playful style.

They trust her ability to safely help create the healthy future they choose to pursue through greater mind and body self-awareness and presence.