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Brenda McDonald

Brenda McDonald

More than 20 years in education taught me that the most valuable life lessons are learning to adapt, embrace change and explore our creativity. Life has a habit of interfering with our most carefully laid plans, and we sometimes lack the confidence or resilience to turn change to our own advantage.


As both a teacher and a life coach, I have had much experience of pressure, high expectations and a plethora of pastoral issues, and I realised that vulnerable people mostly want to be listened to. My own transition to life coaching has enabled me to help my clients unblock that which is holding them back in their careers and personal lives, and to make significant changes.


Everyone’s voice needs to be heard, and life coaching offers a safe, confidential space to explore those ambitions and to create feasible solutions through increased self-awareness.

Fear of change is not to be underestimated but it can be moulded into a more nurturing and positive mindset, if you are keen to keep on learning. The key is having someone to talk to, without judgement or agenda, as you make transitions and that is where the life coach comes in.


I hold a PG certificate in Coaching Psychology, and I am a member of the Association for Coaching and the Eco-Leadership Institute. The coaching company I run with my sister, Emma Simpson,  is