Support and Events for Coaches in Guildford


New Coaches

Business Development


Group Supervision

Our groups are offered free of charge to members only.  We are extremely grateful to our volunteers in running and coordinating groups, and are always open to your suggestions, if you would like to develop and run a group.  We ask that group members commit to attend all sessions as much as possible and also to provide feedback on their experience to enable our continuous development.

Each group operates a waiting list – members can sign up anytime and we will give you an estimated start date. 

“I love being a member of Guildford Coaches Group for two reasons. First the social aspect of being able to meet with such a varied group of wonderful, experienced coaches; and Secondly the incredible education opportunities it’s presented.”
Gregor Findlay

We have an active LinkedIn Group and a Facebook group – please join us on those where you can be a part of our social media community.

New to Coaching

This group is open to anyone new to coaching. It is a forum for people to meet and share ideas and discuss any issues.

We have a wealth of experience in the group and very generous members who are willing to share and support others. It is also an opportunity to meet people experiencing the same things as you!

Business Development

In this group members support each other by sharing best practice and practical ideas to grow their business.

It is an opportunity to bring issues and ideas for sharing and discussion. It can also be a great source of input for solving issues and problems and feeling you are not alone!


We run a 3-month Co-coaching programme.

Anyone can sign up to coach and/or be coached (doing both gives you hours to log for CPD).

Pairs are allocated randomly, and the time commitment is decided by each pair. This proven system is very successful and a great way to build your network, benefit from and practise your coaching. A real skills swap!

Group Supervision

This group offers coaches the opportunity to bring their coaching practice to a supervisor.  We will engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for development purposes and for the benefit of the coach and their clients.

This is a group supervision format and the content is confidential.  This protects our clients and meets EMCC, ICF and AC guidelines.