Comparison – toxic strategy or compassionate celebration with Nicola Arnold

In the chaos of the modern world, comparison can play an integral part in our increased vulnerability as we all strive to keep moving the goal posts of what success looks like and hold up the façade that we are happy in every waking moment.

This interactive session provides a chance to pause and consider your relationship with comparison and how to embrace an alternative approach for both you and your clients.

A flower is still beautiful if we stop to notice it or not — we don’t compare it to others as we walk past and tell it it’s not enough. So why do we do that to ourselves? Why can’t we appreciate our own qualities? And why are we very often coaching about this very topic too?

From many a conversation of late, many coaches I know our comparing themselves and their businesses to others.

This session provides a platform to consider your own relationship with comparison, and how it may well be holding you back in life and business. We will work though simple steps that be taken to diffuse this toxic strategy and live a more wholehearted way of being.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss how we can support our clients with this topic too.

You are the author of your own story, not the editor to fit in with others. It’s time to celebrate your individuality and relationship with self worth.

Content includes:

  • Intro to my background comparison story
  • The psychology of comparison – trigger behaviours
  • Embracing a more compassionate way of being
  • Introduction to the HEART analogy
  • Summary, close and action taking

It will include opportunity for interactive discussion, breakout rooms and exercises to practice the concepts.

We need to rewrite the rules of how we view comparison (in particular social media) to foster a culture of genuine support and celebration of who we are, as individuals and how we can work together as communities.

  • To understand your own relationship with comparison and the negative impact it has on you and your potential
  • To offer ways to reframe it and embrace a more compassionate approach

Nicola Arnold PCC, CPCC is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach empowering women to achieve inner confidence by challenging limiting beliefs and mindset that stop them valuing their own worth. She firmly believes that self worth is a lifestyle not a luxury.

With over 20 years’ experience in helping individuals focus on their development both professionally and personally, her passion is in supporting individuals to connect with who they really are. Enabling them to connect with their true self, values and life purpose, she champions and challenges them to create a positive and empowering belief in what they want to do so they can illuminate their path of possibilities and make resonant choices.

In 2016 Nicola launched the Happy to be ME hub, (shortlisted for an ‘exceptional business award’ 2017 and nominated for two awards in 2018), an online community built on self worth, happiness, authenticity and gratitude.

Nicola runs a successful coaching practice Enkindle (meaning to illuminate.

She is also the Head of Learning and Organisational Development at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and is currently leading a project across the health and social care systems across Surrey to develop a quality assured coaching and mentoring offer to support Talent Management, leadership, QI, staff development and wellbeing.

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Jan 22 2021


9:30 am - 12:00 pm




Online via Zoom


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