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The Guildford Coaches Group Committee (L to R: Melanie, Julia, Belinda, Kim, Louise and Wendy) would like to welcome you to the Guildford Coaches website. With Angela O'Connell, Kim co-founded the Guildford Coaches Group in 2007 and its membership continues to grow and flourish today, with 150 active members in February 2019.

Our purpose is to act as a professional home to local coaches who are seeking personal development and mutual support. We are known for our friendly relaxed atmosphere and sense of community. Not only are our events a source of learning but being part of our network affords building of new relationships and always provides not just contacts but friends.

"I have been coming to the GCG for a few years now and it is always a welcome part of my month: an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are warm and generous. And an opportunity to learn something new or a refresher on something useful."
Trica Woolfrey

We run events on Friday mornings (6 per year) in a wonderful room at The Trinity Centre Guildford.

Our speakers are professionals (sometimes even members) who are happy to share their expertise on specialist aspects of Coaching.

These sessions are interesting, interactive and usually great fun as we all work together to practise new skills and techniques.

Many of these events earn ICF Continuing Coach Education Certificates so they are a brilliant way of keeping up your CPD.

We believe that it's important for members to have support running their businesses as well as honing their coaching skills. With this in mind, we try to have 2 meetings every year on business activities, e.g. sales, social media etc.

We have an active LinkedIn Group and a Facebook group - please join us on those where you can be a part of our social media community.

Have a look at our Our Meetings and Events page to see what we have planned for 2019. Previous sessions offered have included:

  • Constellation coaching with Liz Hill-Smith
  • Clicks to clients - creating a flow of work with Karen Skidmore
  • Somantics/cognitive coaching with Nick Kitchen
  • The use of psychometric tools in coaching with GCG Committee
  • Courage to STOP (mindfulness for coaches) with Kish Modasia
  • Team and group events in a thinking environment with Shirley Wardell
  • Transactional analysis with Gregor Findlay
  • Growth mindsets with Charlie Warshawski
  • Coaching for retirement transition with Anne Cannings
  • Finding your business voice with Claire Boyles
  • Self compassion with Sanela Brkovic

If you like the look of one of our session, please register as a member and then follow the link to Eventbrite and book your place. Places fill up quickly so please join us, you'll be very welcome. Becoming a member means you will be informed about future events and masterclasses, enabling you to book the sessions you find most interesting.

We also advertise events that our members run and you can find these on the Members Events page.

To join our group please fill in your detail and click below:

We look forward to seeing you!

Wendy Strohm (Chair), Belinda Kiely (Treasurer), Shirley Wardell (Secretary), Melanie Loizou (Events), Julia Cutcliffe (Membership), Claire Brunt (administrator)

Guildford coaches Sub Groups

  • We run a 3-month Co-coaching programme.

    Anyone can sign up to coach and/or be coached (doing both gives you hours to log for CPD).


    Pairs are allocated randomly, and the time commitment is decided by each pair. This is proving very successful and a great way to build your network, benefit from and practise your coaching. A real skills swap!


    Please contact the committee if you are interested.

  • This group is open to anyone new to coaching or starting their coaching business. It is a forum for people to meet and share ideas and discuss any issues.


    We have a wealth of experience in the group and very generous members who are willing to share and support others. It is also an opportunity to meet people experiencing the same things as you!


    Please contact the committee if you are interested.

  • These groups offer coaches the opportunity to bring his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients. These groups are confidential to respect our client’s confidentiality and ICF and AC guidelines.


    Please contact the committee if you are interested.

  • These Group members support each other by sharing best practice and practical ideas to grow their business.


    It is an opportunity to bring issues and ideas for sharing and discussion. It can also be a great source of input for solving issues and problems and feeling you are not alone!


    Please contact the committee if you are interested.

Join us - this is your chance to belong to a fantastic coaching community!


So why join? This is what our members say

  • I have heard more inspiring speakers at Guildford Coaches Group than anywhere. And I do not know a more creative or welcoming group, whether you are already an experienced coach, or just dipping your toe into the world of coaching for the first time.

    Judy Apps
  • I love being a member of Guildford Coaches Group for two reasons. First the social aspect of being able to meet with such a varied group of wonderful, experienced coaches; and Secondly the incredible education opportunities it’s presented.

    Gregor Findlay

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