Transactional Analysis with Gregor Findlay

From 11 January 2019 9:30 am until 11 January 2019 12:30 pm
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If I were to paraphrase how I’ve heard many coaches talk about Transactional Analysis it would be something like “Oh yeah.. TA.  I use some of that”

I love TA and there is so much more to TA than the PAC communication model and Karpmann’s Drama Triangle.  

In this session we will go beyond the PAC communication model and Karpmann’s Drama Triangle to explore how other areas of TA that can be used as incredibly helpful tools in coaching. I’m not a therapist nor do I have aspirations to be! I have been in therapy using TA and it was this that encouraged me to study TA further. I’ve found some amazing tools that I now integrate into my coaching and I’d like to share these with the group. You’ll learn about Personality Adaptations and the Ware Sequence and how to start bringing these into your coaching should they fit your style.

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