Team and Group Events in a Thinking World with Shirley Wardell

From 07 December 2018 9:00 am until 07 December 2018 12:30 pm
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Team and Group Events in a Thinking Environment with Shirley Wardell

Following on from Nancy Kline’s popular Masterclass, we are delighted to have session on the Thinking environment; delivered by Shirley Wardell who is celebrating 20 years as a Thinking Environment Consultant.

To get the best from groups and teams, it is necessary to create beneficial conditions and processes for: meetings, decision-making, one-to-ones, strategy days, training, team events and working relationships. Emily Havers' Masters research demonstrate the effectiveness of the Thinking Environment in groups, as developed by Nancy Kline.

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Shirley Wardell

I work as a Leadership Development Facilitator, Coach and Coach Supervisor. I work mainly in a Thinking Environment(tm) as developed by Nancy Kline. I qualified as a consultant in this model in 1997 and I teach the Time to Think(tm) Facilitator and Coach qualifying courses.

The Thinking Environment provides the conditions for people to think for themselves and to collaborate well. It is an excellent tool for Diversity leading to innovation and creativity and is underpinned by principles of treating each other humanely.

I work extensively in Higher Education and have experience coaching and training Government Department and commerce.

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