Appendix to Constitution - Appointment of Chair

Guildford Coaches Group – Committee Roles – Appendix to Constitution

Extraordinary Members Meeting (EMM) held at 9.30am on 9th November 2018 to ask for

membership sign-off on proposed procedure for Appointment of Chair (see below).


Proposed: Gregor Findlay

Seconded: Christine Griffin

There was a unanimous agreement to accept the proposal.


Process of Appointing a new Chair


• Any vacant Chair position should be filled from someone already on the GCG

Committee (elected or co-opted)

• The GCG membership should be informed as soon as possible of any change in


• All official Committee roles (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) must be voted upon

at an AMM or EMM.


1. Chair advertises, ideally a year ahead of time, an intention to resign

2. Interested Committee members will be invited to informally express an interest in the


3. The Chair will offer to any interested applicants an opportunity to have an informal

conversation to explore the role and implications

4. Interested parties will then be invited to email the Chair formally applying for the


5. If only one Committee Member applies, then:

a. At the next Committee meeting, the Chair will propose that the applicant

becomes Chair Elect, with immediate effect. This will trigger:

i. An announcement to the GCG membership that the Chair is resigning

and that the single applicant is the Chair Elect

ii. A formal election at the next AMM or EMM of the Chair Elect to Chair

6. If more than one Committee Member applies, then:

a. At the next Committee Meeting, the applicants will be invited to share why

they consider themselves to be the best candidate for the role. If after hearing

each other, all the applicants still wish to be considered then

Guildford Coaches Group – Committee Roles – Appendix to Constitution

b. At the next AMM or EMM, there will be a vote. The applicant with the most

votes will become Chair Elect. If the vote is split, the Chair will have the casting


7. If no Committee Member applies, then:

a. At the earliest opportunity, an announcement to the GCG membership will be

emailed stating that:

i. the Chair is resigning

ii. no current member of the Committee has applied

iii. current members of the GCG are invited to apply (within a deadline)

iv. the process will continue as above (either 5 or 6, depending on the

number of applicants)

8. One a Chair Elect has been voted into the role, the Chair and Chair Elect can effect a

handover date and induction; and inform the membership accordingly.

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