Annual Members Meeting 2018

Notes of Annual Members Meeting, Trinity Centre, Guildford                                               

9.00 – 9.30 on Friday 27thApril 2018


Kim Gregory - Chair

Wendy Strohm – Treasurer

Louise Turner – Secretary (minutes)

Mel Loizou – co-opted member

GCG Members  

Apologies for absence: Belinda Kiely



  1. 1.Minutes of 2017 Annual Members Meeting                                                      

The minutes of the 2017 AMM were agreed as an accurate record Christine Griffin proposed they were signed off, seconded by Ian Crocker 



  1. 2. Chair’s Annual Report

Kim updated the meeting on changes to the Committee:

Mel Loizou and Belinda Kiely were co-opted onto the committee at the GCG Committee meeting earlier this month.

She thanked the following for their dedication and hard work for the Guildford Coaches Group

Ian Crocker – for all help and support (especially the chairs!)

The coffee team – Richard Fox, Amanda White and John Buckley

An extra thanks to John Buckley for also organizing the co-coaching group (and Claire McMillan for previously undertaking it)

Christine Griffin and Joanne Durham for hard work in organising the CCEU’s – Christine will be stepping down next year so a replacement will be needed. Jo believes her colleague may be willing to help.

Anneliese Guerin-LeTendre for supporting us at most of our meetings on the front desk.

Pam Andrews for meeting and greeting members and specifically looking out for new members.

A thank you to the committee and a warm welcome to two new co-opted committee members Mel and Belinda

Kim reported that it had been a good year with a strong membership maintaining the numbers and for extending the committee.

The committee shared their thoughts on the Values for the GCG (Community, Challenge, Fun, Respect, Curiosity) – these were sent out to members with no response. These will be added to the website and laminated to put on the wall at future meetings.

GDPR: Although we don’t believe it’s 100% essential to check with all our members that they wish to remain with us, the Committee has decided to email everyone to ask them to confirm their membership. This will ensure that we are utterly compliant with GDPR and will alleviate any anxiety around our compliance. Claire will send out a mass email shortly, encouraging people to reply immediately but certainly by 25th May, when GDPR comes into force.

Members have been encouraged to update their profiles and ensure that they add contact details to those profiles to make it easier for potential clients to contact them.

2018 will be a more strategic year, building on our external relationships and on a new website design.


  1. 3.2017 Treasurer’s Report

Wendy updated the meeting on the 2017 Finance Accounts:   we had a good year with an income of just under £8,000.  (Financial report attached)

A thank you to Georgina Woudstra who waived her fee at one of the events.  We were therefore able to donate £1700.00 to the (Guildford) Mayor’s Charity.  Wendy read out a letter of thanks from the Mayor.

Dawn Buckley has agreed to oversee the accounts.

Wendy changed the bank account to a Santander Account – jointly signatories with Kim.

Wendy has changed how the GCG accounts should be presented more in line with the bank account.

Wendy reported that as of next year the annual membership fee will no longer be available.


  1. 4.Election for Chair

A huge thank you to Kim Gregory for her hard work and dedication to the Guildford Coaches Group.

Kim stood for re-election – proposed by Gregor Findlay and seconded by Joanne Durham.


  1. 5.Co-opted committee members and other volunteers

As reported earlier

Mel will be taking over the bookings for speakers from 2019



  1. 6.2018 Masterclasses

Louise reported on two masterclasses provisionally booked for this year. Both meetings are on the website and have been sent to members via Facebook and LinkedIn.  A request is sent out to register interest by the deadline (27thApril) to ensure that the numbers are sufficient to make the session viable.  We have had previous sessions that have not been fully attended.

Any thoughts for future masterclass sessions, please email Louise at the Guildford Coaches Group 


  1. 7.Co-opted committee members and other volunteers

2 booked so far for 2019. Suggestions include:

·      Coaching for retirement

·      A session on resilience (Nicola Arnold expressed an interest)

·      Coaching Supervision

·      Laughter Yoga

·      Coaching for the menopause

Any thoughts please email Julia at the Guildford Coaches Group.


  1. 8.GCG Website

The website in its present format is difficult for the people operating it, it is not functioning as required. Work is in progress to re-do the website, with careful consideration of what we want it to do.


The meeting ended at 9.30.

Signed :    Kim Gregory, Chair           

Signed:     Wendy Strohm, Treasurer              

Signed:    Louise Turner, Secretary           

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