Role: Chair

Guildford Coaches Group             ROLE:  Chair


The Chair of GCG is an active part of the Committee, which provides a vibrant and balanced programme of events for over 100 members and drives strategic direction of the Group.  Specifically, the purpose of the Chair is to effectively lead the Committee and co-develop the future direction of the group, meeting the current / anticipated needs of members and the wider coach community.

Key areas of focus include:

Leading the Future of the GCG

·       Leading the development of the future of the GCG through understanding the perspectives of the committee members, the general membership and the wider coach community.

·       Create and sustain strong working relationships with other coach groups, e.g. the London Coaches Group; other coach bodies, e.g. the ICF, AC etc. and other external bodies, e.g. universities undertaking relevant research

Leading the committee and other volunteers

·       Recruiting volunteers who share a passion for the GCG and its activities and consistently demonstrate its values and can work together effectively

·       Ensuring that the process of attracting and recruiting volunteers is transparently fair and explicable to members

·       Developing a sustainable succession and handover plan from one committee member to the next, especially in relation to the role of Chair

Events Programme:

·       Leading the events planning and organisation by liaising with other coach groups to source the best speakers, connecting with potential speakers and other members of the committee to ensure that the speaking events run smoothly for everyone.

·       Purchasing gifts for GCG members who run meetings

Annual Members Meeting

·       With the Committee, to plan and present the AMM so that it meets the current and anticipated needs of the members and committee

·       Every other year, to produce and publish a member survey

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