Agenda Annual members Meeting 2015

A G E N D A for 2015 Annual Members Meeting

9.00 – 9.30am  Upper Hall, Trinity Centre,  Guildford

1.  Sign off Minutes of 2014 Annual Members Meeting                        Kim

2.  2014 Financial Reports                                                                        Jane

3.  Programme Highlights 2014                                                               Jane

4.  Membership Survey                                                                             Kim

5.  Election of Officers – please see note below                                   Kim

6.  Programme for 2015/16                                                                      Jane

7.  Advertisers on website                                                                        Kim

Note for item 5:

Following our membership survey, item 5 is a proposal to seek expressions       of interest for a member to join the GCG committee with the purpose of representing the interests of new (2013/2014) members.

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