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Matt Demery:
Utilising my 15+years of experience in management positions across mutliple sectors, Matt specialises in helping business leaders and managers to define, communicate and implement their strategy, and sales teams to perform more efficiently and effectively, creating increased and sustainable business results.

Coaching sessions with Matt can be delivered either face to face or virtually (using Webex, Skype or Phone).

Matt holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University and is a member of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.
During the course of my career, I have gained more than 17years of experience in a wide variety of industries including Telecoms & IT, Multi-Media, Higher Education, Development Communication, Social care. My roles embrace diversity of disciplines such as Project Leadership, Team Coaching, Training Needs Analysis in Private sector (Bluechip organisations) managing multimillion pounds international projects, making Higher educational films for countrywide classroom for National Telecast, performance management for Public Sector, imparting pilot training in ICT, Spiritual coaching in Voluntary sector. Recently qualified in Holistic -Inner Engineering from Annenberg Centre for Health Sciences at Eisenhower, Accredited by California Board of Behavioral Sciences,USA.
Coaching changed my life both personally and professionally and that's why I chose to help others. With an electric career that has involved working in hospitality, education and IT I love working with people who want to develop their management skills and inspire those around them.
A certified Executive Coach with over 20 years HR experience in FMCG, IT and Pharmaceutical businesses.

I’m passionate about working with people at all levels of an organization to help them realize their full potential as well as with individuals dealing with organizational change, career dilemmas and conflict. I have an informal, supportive style whilst still being able to challenge my clients.
At the age of twenty-five Mike managed a $150m+ turnover cocoa processing business in French-speaking West Africa and continued to lead similar businesses in the UK & USA over the next ten years. These roles led to a varied and successful commercial career in senior executive positions in the IT, Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial Services industries.

Mike is now a professionally trained Executive Coach and continues to grow and develop his credentials. As a practitioner of "Personal DNA Profiling", he uses this skill, in combination with his business experience, to coach and mentor business leaders and their teams to improve their overall effectiveness & vitality.

My name is Monika and I have always been passionate about personal and professional development.

I believe that we all as human beings get easily stuck in our old habits, follow the same thought patterns and don’t often realise the opportunities we may have around us.

As a Transformational Coach, I give my clients an opportunity to break this vicious circle, step out of their comfort zone and explore what happens.

My mission is to support everyone who would like to live up to their potential to feel empowered, get a clarity and take actions.

I work with private clients and organisations.

If you would like to book a free consultation, please email me on monika.k.kaszubowska@gmail.com
Hi - I'm a Coach (CPCC) and Trainer based in Petersfield. I specialise in working with Educators, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Students. After 15 years as a Teacher, I was looking for a change but still wanting to have impact. Happy to be part of this community!
Neil Scotton:
As co-founder of the One Leadership Project and director of Coaching Professionals, I work increasingly with people who are making a difference; the game-changers; the people developing and applying their ability to be catalytic, perhaps changing a life, or an organisation, or making a dent in history.

With the focus always on the realities of being human, and serving something much bigger, we support the catalysts with a blend of research, strategic thinking, personal connection, organisational partnering, peer-group learning, coaching, mentoring, mediation and facilitation.

I'm a Professional Certified Coach, former president of the International Coach Federation in the UK, and have done a number of things on the global coaching stage.
I'm a mindfulness teacher and awareness coach based in Surrey, UK. I work with private and corporate clients in groups and on a one-to-one basis.

I am an experienced coach / consultant having a passion for leadership and people development. My commitment is to help individuals and teams to be the best that they can be. My style provides the space for clients to explore their strengths and development options by identifying realistic plans for personal growth. I work with Harrison's Assessment Tools as a very insightful tool to improve self-awareness. I have worked with senior leaders and teams across Europe, Asia Pacific and the U.S.
With over 30 years’ experience, I have worked in a wide range of sectors including Leisure, Aviation, Facilities Management, Commercial Property, Recruitment and NFP / Housing Association.
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